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3D Printed Orthotics are a highly accurate, long lasting and very comfortable solution to give much needed support to your body.

Eliminate foot pain and prevent injuries

We care for your foot health and our mission is to eliminate foot pain and prevent injuries from happening again in the future.

Our treatment plans include knee, hip, and back as well, ensuring your whole body is functioning optimally and out of any pain.

When you visit our clinic, you will receive a comprehensive foot and gait analysis. Using a 3D scanner, we map your feet and examine in great detail the areas in which imbalance needs correcting or additional support is required.

JW Physio Orthotics

JW Physio Orthotics Expertise

Recovery Time

Speed up your recovery time from injury by increasing blood supply to your muscles.

Prevent Injury

Reduce the risk of injuries caused by overuse or strain by identifying areas of imbalance.

Reduce Stress

Sports massage can help reduce your overall stress and improve your wellbeing.

Since my injuries are mainly caused by poor posture and overpronated feet, I was thrilled to learn about JW Physio's custom-made orthotics service that can help prevent future injuries.

Why Choose JW Physio?

Custom Made Orthotics

Truly custom insoles created after a 3D scanning of your feet, meant to complement and improve your lifestyle and health needs.

JW Physio Orthotics

Free Orthotic Assessments

Assessments are meant to offer additional information, assess your current condition and provide expert advice onwards.

3D Printed Orthotics

A conscious alternative to your foot health, 3D printed orthotics are created from sustainable materials for both accommodative and functional purposes.


"John seemed very friendly and I appreciated his whole-person approach. I felt listened to and he took feedback well, explaining what he was doing as he did it which was welcomed. Great service."

Samuel Welham

Need Custom Orthotics?

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