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Sports Massage Therapy at JW Physio, Loughton Essex

Ease pain and improve recovery with sports massage

At JW Physio, all our staff are qualified in sports massage and can help your body recover from issues like shoulder, neck, or lower back pain, or sports-related injury.

Why Sports Massage?

​Our sports massages are designed to alleviate muscle or tendon pain and relieve any stress placed on bones or joints. This will leave you feeling refreshed, energised and ache-free. 

Your therapist will look at areas of discomfort and pain, your health history, lifestyle and personal goals, and then use the right massage techniques best suited to you.

Sports Massage

Benefits of Sports Massage

Recovery Time

Speed up your recovery time from injury by increasing blood supply to your muscles.

Prevent Injury

Reduce the risk of injuries caused by overuse or strain by identifying areas of imbalance.

Reduce Stress

Sports massage can help reduce your overall stress and improve your wellbeing.

Visit regularly for a sports massage for routine maintenance for my running and it’s a great help. John does a great job and is without doubt an expert in his field.

Why Choose JW Physio?

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Sports Massage
Adult Physiotherapy

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"I started going to see John having picked up an injury during training for the London Marathon. Thanks to John he helped resolve these issues and I completed it! Since been having regular sports massages and they’re great.".

Phillipa Hill

Need Sports Massage?

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