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Is Physio Right for You?

I often see people who are frustrated, and sometimes have even lost hope in the public healthcare system, when you face those problems as a patient, it’s horrific. Long delays on waiting lists, no hands-on treatments, were given a sheet of exercises, which did nothing to ease the pain quickly.

If you’re here reading this, then you must be someone who wants to live life freely again but is currently struggling with a pain that is beginning to cause a nuisance and hindrance in your life, which has you feeling frustrated that you’re unable to be active, go to the gym, play with your kids like you used to, or just enjoy life as much as you would like to.

I’m sure you have tried physiotherapy in the past by visiting your GP or maybe even your local NHS clinic, but it didn’t work out for you and you’re feeling let down. This isn’t your fault - the truth is, that hospitals are extremely overworked and do not have the capacity to properly treat patients, however, this should not mean that you are unable to receive the treatment that is so important and that you deserve in order to get your life back on track…

Too often I see patients coming to us fed up after months of waiting for treatment, just for them to arrive and have poor experiences. It’s terrible, I know. What I also know is that you dream of a pain-free life, a life in which you can live it to the fullest… to enjoy the small things again, like even taking your dog for a walk or rolling around, playing with your children again before it's too late and they grow up.

In fact, I’ve witnessed and felt that same pain and helped so many people get back to enjoying life, out of this pain and active.

I want to relieve you of those stresses and fears of removing these problems before it gets even worse.

What We're About

Here’s the truth:

You CAN feel healthy again and have a leap in your step if you seek help from the right specialists dedicated to working on your recovery.

However, it’s difficult to find the right therapist with the knowledge and experience to create a custom, patient-specific care plan.

JW Physio are the trusted physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialists in Essex dedicated to creating tailor-made solutions to alleviate pain and helping patients get their life back!

The Power of Taking Action

Kate Was Dedicated To Recovery

Kate had unresolved neck pain for over 4 months and did as her GP told her to - rest, and take a prescription for painkillers but every time she would return to work, the symptoms would return.

Kate came to us stressed as she had been signed off work and her mental health was also being affected.

From the first consultation, Kate was fully committed to attending every session and we were able to support her recovery through treatment and rehabilitation for a full recovery.

Henry Needed Expertise and a Plan

Henry came to us with unresolved back pain, it had progressively got worse over the course of 4 weeks and he finally wanted to take action as rest and ice was having no effect. He was upset… the frustration was evident as he had to stop playing competitive football.

We explored this lower back pain within an in-person assessment and immediately created a roadmap to alleviate the increasing pain. Henry's discomfort reduced signficantly through our treatment techniques, and with 6 weeks of weekly therapy, Henry was back playing full training and competitive matches at the weekend.


So, if you are struggling with an injury or unresolved issue, physiotherapy may be for you.

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