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As specially trained and HCPC regulated Physiotherapist specialists we treat people of all ages with physical problems caused by injury, illness or ageing.

A physiotherapist will perform a detailed assessment and diagnose the cause of your problem and discuss with you how to improve your symptoms. This enables us to use a multi-model "hands-on" approach that can include treatments such as soft tissue massage, spinal manipulations, acupuncture and joint mobilisations. 

We at JW Physio Clinic consider the body as a whole, rather than just focusing on the individual aspects of an injury or illness. This enables us to find the root cause of the problem.

Open Hours

Monday                    09:00 - 20:00

Tuesday                    09:00 - 20:00

Wednesday              09:00 - 20:00

Thursday                  09:00 - 20:00

Friday                        09:00 - 16:00

Saturday                   09:00 - 13:00

Sunday                      Closed

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